What's up everybody?

I am Sara Tempest, a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Virtual Coaching Specialist. 

I have been in the gym for years; learning to love all of the ups and downs you might face. 
I am here to educate and encourage. 
I am here for the good and the bad.

I will hold you accountable. 
We will get through this and we will reach your fitness goals.

I have been boxing and kickboxing for years and enjoy showing others that boxing is for everyone. It is an amazing work out for those that just want a new way to get that cardio in or for those that want to compete and everyone in the middle.

My love for fitness has collided with a call to mental health issues in today's society.

I am no therapist, nor will I attempt to be one. I am a firm believer that fitness and physical health has an impact on mental health. Please join me to better your physical fitness and train through all of life's tempests.